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Freestyle Energy Contest

New ! Participate now to the Freestyle Energy Contest on Facebook !

You hold one or more products of the French brand Freestyle Energy, then take a picture and/or movie with you, and publishes all on your Facebook account by adding at least one of those two hashtags: #FreestyleEnergy #FREESTYLE_YOUR_LIFE

Warning, without the publication of one of these hashtags we couldn't find you!

Each month, several winners will be nominated and will win great gifts:

- Photo and Video with the most comments (no cheating!) - Photo and Video with the most Likes - Photo and Video the most shared - Photo and Video the most stylish (appointed by the brand) - Video with the highest number of views Among the gifts: balloons, snapbacks hats, wrist sponges, tshirts, clothes, cans, pencils, your photo and/or your video on official website and on social networks etc ... Participate now : Facebook Contest

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