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EnergyGlobe Review by Christian Ried

For the last weeks I got my hands on the EnergyGlobe football freestyle ball by FreestyleEnergy. I tested it a couple of times to find out if it is suitable for airmove type combos.

This review covers the following criteria:

  • Material / Grip

  • Control / Touch

  • Design

What material is the EnergyGlobe made of and how is the grip?

The ball is made of a rubber type material which gives it a very solid grip. You can compare it to popular freestyle balls like the GRIP Ball by 4Freestyle or the UrbanBall. This attribute makes it very good for blocking tricks and quite nice for long combos or two and three revolution tricks where the first touch needs to be perfect.

How does the touch feel like? Is the ball easy to control?

As described above you don’t have any problems with long combos or certain two or three revolution tricks. But I would not recommend it for no touch combos. The problem is that the ball is quite light and very jumpy due to it’s rubber material. This means that you can not really calculate how much power you have to put into your tricks in order to get a solid no touch combo out of it. To me it feels very different to what I am used to with the Adidas Brazuca matchball.

What do you think about the design?

This is obviously up to every individual. I personally prefer footballs that are brighter and not dark. But I do think the design with iconic sightseeing marks of different countries is a nice idea and perfectly fits the name EnergyGlobe.

My summary

If you are an allround freestyler that does lots of blocking tricks and stalls, this ball will be a very good choice. However if you are a true hardcore lower fan, I would not go for it and instead use an official adidas matchball. Of course you could still train with the EnergyGlobe but it would take a little longer to get used to it.

Watch my training session with the EnergyGlobe ►►►

More information about the product at ►►►

Thanks for checking this review. If you want me to review a different product, please let me know.

Best regards Chris

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