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Zoom on the EnergyGlobe - Freestyle Soccer Balloon

The last ball of the French Brand Freestyle Energy is the EnergyGlobe, a beautiful black rubber ball with logos of the most popular monuments of the world and of course the brand logo ;-)

This balloon is made in rubber, like the urbanball for example, but with a better Grip to manage your tricks more.

The size is 5 like most Freestyle Football and Soccer balloons.

The ball is hand-crafted in Pakistan (the country where most brands produce their balls!), and the weight is around 450grams.

Of course this ball can be also used for Basketball Freestyle, Panna, but not to play soccer, don't kick it, this ball is your friend ! :-)

Discover now the last video spot, recorded in Spain with JuanaN Freestyle :

Order your EnergyGlobe now here, record and share your tricks on your social networks, and participate to the Freestyle Energy Contest.

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